Transplanted in Duluth

Joe Jurewicz, PE, LEED AP 
MSA Professional Services, Inc.

Being a Duluthian is a description of choice, one that means a little something different to each and every resident of this historic city on Lake Superior. Some of us are natives and some of us, like myself, are transplants. I reflect on this because as the wind gets crisp, I recall the chuckles that I encounter when I tell people I moved from Miami to Duluth. Sometimes the chuckle is encountered by some other expressions, but the point is made. The question I repeatedly get is “What in the world made you come to Duluth?” 

The answer is – many things. Duluth has its strengths and weaknesses, just like anywhere else. For me, finding reasonable housing was a challenge and showed me one of Duluth’s weaknesses.  Don’t get me wrong, the housing market within the city has character and charm, but it also lacks affordable, updated homes.  Fortunately our city leaders have noticed the necessity to add to the housing available to residents.  Programs have been started that are looking at repurposing vintage properties in Duluth such as the Lester Park Golf Course and developers are building and expanding throughout our great city.  Not to mention programs like Build Up Duluth are available to provide potential homeowners generous incentives to build on vacant lots in the East and Central Hillside neighborhoods. 

I’ve found my home in Duluth. In this city, I can walk from my house to Lester Park and stroll the trails along Amity Creek. Duluth is truly the best outdoor city and the expanding trail network is only making it better for everyone. I can enjoy a beer and watch the port traffic in Canal Park. I spend 10 minutes getting to work in the morning and after work, I can catch up with fellow Fusers at events that take just minutes to get to. Duluth offers great opportunities to those willing to seek them out and I for one feel very privileged to be able to call Duluth my home and revel in all of the strengths our community has to offer. 

So, what makes someone from Miami come to Duluth? I think my native friends have it backwards. What makes someone from Miami not want to come Duluth?


Fall Fun

Brian Nystrom 
Director of Marketing & Corporate Relations
University of Minnesota Duluth Athletics

Summer in Duluth is not only the best time of the year in Northern Minnesota but I would place it up against any other place in the US.  We get to enjoy fantastic weather, outdoor living, the world's largest air conditioner (Lake Superior), and numerous festivals and events.  Having lived through 3 Duluth summers I have tried to take advantage of everything it has to offer.  However, when the Days of August hit and summer rolls into fall, we need a reminder that the weather is still good and the summer fun doesn't have to end.

In the fall, FUSE has some great events to connect young professionals in Duluth.  As we continue to grow our presence in the community, it is important to experience everything Duluth has to offer even outside our small gatherings.  So I wanted to list off top 5 great fall fun events to take part of.  None of these are secret but thought they would be fun to grab some fellow friends and FUSE connections.   So without further ado, here we go!

1. Applefest:  Head over to Bayfield for Applefest and experience Fall in all it's glory!  Oct. 3-5
2. UMD Football Game:  Tailgating, fall weather, beer?  You get it all at a Bulldog Football game with new tailgating and hospitality located in the south end zone. Football is made for the fall and for just $10 you can enjoy the game and have access to great beer, Green Mill Pizza, Cold Stone Ice Cream, and Famous Dave's!
3. Comedy Show at the Zeitgeist (Renegade Improv):  Every Friday and Saturday nights at 10:30pm grab some friends and go catch the stand up comedy show at the Zeitgeist.  Get the best of the old "whose line is it anyways?" show right here in Duluth.
4. Malt Shoppe:  Lake Superior, Ice Cream?  Enough Said.
5. Disc Golf:  Get outside and enjoy the great disc golf courses around Duluth which include UMD, St. Scholastica, Lake Superior College, and the new Spirit Mountain Course!